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An overdue update May 22, 2012

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I am still alive and kicking

Another 6 months has gone by without any blog posts from this modern mama {sorry about that}. As always our family has been healthy and busy with lots of wonderful things.

I recently celebrated a birthday, my 2_th birthday to be exact {I’ll let you make your own guesses on the exact number} and I really enjoyed this birthday. More this year than any other year before I really reflected on where I have been, what I have done, where I am currently and what direction am I heading in. I highly recommend everyone doing this. Why wouldn’t you sit down and map out your life to make good choices towards getting yourself and family towards the end goal.

A growing family

Children grow a lot in 6 months! Kelsey will be 4 in September and currently loves twirling like a ballerina, swinging and jumping onto anything that will hold her weight {she calls this gymnastics} and she really enjoys making worm soup, which is what she id doing right now. Who doesn’t love dirt, water and a ballerina dress?!
Neely is 2 and half now and is probably the funniest person we have ever met! She loves mocking Kelsey, playing with her bunny {her name is bun bun and she goes EVERYWHERE with Neely}, playing dolls and snuggling. Neely really is a little tough puff, she likes to get down and dirty too. Both girls are avid in park hopping! Life is fun and busy with these girls, there is never a dull moment… just the way we like it!

here are a few pictures of our family as we continue to grow together:Image

Kelsey & Neely a few weeks ago playing at the park,  they really are best friends which makes my heart full


Kelsey & Josh doing what they do best together… act silly 🙂


This is our family picture for Easter this year. We visited family in PA and had such a great time!


Neely giving a serious double thumbs up right before she heads down the slide.


Neely doing what she does best… play with bun bun 🙂


Whatcha doing mama? November 10, 2011

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I have an inquisitive 3 year old. The words that leave her mouth most often are ‘Whatcha doing mama’. This is always a great question because it helps to think… really what am I doing? Sometimes its the dish’s, laundry, cooking, cleaning, or I find myself wasting time. I never answer her with ‘nothing’ because well I am never just doing nothing. I think it is really important to answer your children with an educated and honest answer, obviously some answers are more educated than others but you catch my drift.

I am often pleasantly surprised with Kelsey’s answer when I ask her what she is doing.


Valentines Day Craft! February 4, 2011

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Bye Bye Christmas tree, Hello hearts

It is easy for me to put my Christmas decor away because I bust out our valentines day decor at the same time. That way our house doesn’t feel so empty and there is still something festive about it. As my girls grow we have enjoyed doing more crafts together. Neely is still a little young for the painting, cutting and gluing but she enjoys the opportunity of making a mess and not getting in trouble for it!


My oldest daughter is in a Pablo Picasso phase so we paint often… very often. This year to add an extra festive boost around the house we painted hearts… lots of hearts! It was so fun. I rolled out a bunch of paper and just drew big hearts and little hearts and she painted them in.  Still learning to paint in the lines? No problem! After the paint dried and the little ones went to bed I busted out the scissors and cut out all the hearts we painted and hung them around the house. When Kelsey woke up in the morning she was thrilled to see her masterpieces hanging in the kitchen and tapped on to some of the walls.


Plan a holiday craft with your child and choose an area to decorate, it is great to see the fun they have using their creativity. And its therapeutic for mamas like me with a little arts and crafts OCD to just chill out and watch them enjoy themselves creating a masterpiece. Who cares if it doesn’t match and is not between the lines, its beautiful in their eyes 🙂


The simple things bring such joy!


Not too late for 2011 Rezzies January 2, 2011

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Goals Goals Goals

Whats the point of setting a goal? To achieve them right!? Achieving is the reason for setting them but also to grow and stretch yourself to becoming better at whatever it is you desire. Careless resolutions or goal made and never kept cause one year to blend into the next with little change. When making goals really think about where you want to be at the end of 2011, what do you want for your family? What are you willing to do about it so you can accomplish this goal?

I prefer to break my goals down into 4 categories Physical, Social, Mental, and Family. Here is an example of categorizing your goals, these are some of my 2010 goals.

Physical – Don’t get pregnant & run a 5k
Social – Host a family for dinner at least once a month & Keep in better contact with out of town friends {call monthly}
Mental – Read 10 books & 10 quiet uninterrupted minutes a day
Family – Potty train Kelsey, Monthly dates with Josh & Become more frugal when shopping for our family {food & clothes}

I find it easiest if you break your goals down like this and also decided what the best way to achieve them is. I can not just say I am going to run a 5k and show up the day of the race and expect to be pleased with my performance… well maybe if I was a natural born runner but I’m not. So in order to achieve my goal I knew I was going to have to spend some time in the gym cross training and getting back in shape after just having a baby. I then set another goal to workout consistently 4 days a week.

I encourage you to set goals for 2011. Post them where you will see them often so you will be reminded to take action on them. You won’t be disappointed. And just because its already January 2nd doesn’t mean its too late to get started. I have a good friend that never decides what his goals are until February or March… So what are you waiting for?!


Cheers to 2011 🙂


nearing 1 year of life December 8, 2010

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The first year of life brings forth so many changes in just 12 short months

As I watch my little Neely playing while I write this she is 11 months old { December 30th she will turn 1} and she is pulling herself up on to toys and walking along them as she is turning off and on the toy switches laughing with the deepest belly laugh. Last December she was still cooking in my oven!!

I enjoy reflecting on the past year plus the 9 months of growing her inside of me. While I was black Friday shopping a few weeks ago I thought about last year. My mom and I went out shopping at 5am for the first time ever and there we are laughing in the store because people are going bonkers after the hottest toy… except they couldn’t make it past my belly in the isle to get to the toy! Then they would say “excuse me”  but it didn’t matter what way I turned because I was so perfectly round at that point they weren’t getting by me and you know its pointless to even try and suck that belly in, it’s not going anywhere! This year I saw a bunch of beautiful pregnant mamas shopping and chuckled to myself because thats exactly what I looked like last year,and it was fun.

Josh and I watched a few videos the other day of the girls right after Neely was born. Man, Neely was so tiny and scrunchy, then there was Kelsey as bald as a baseball dancing to Mily Cyrus – Party in the USA. What the past year has brought to my family… hair for Kelsey and a sweet little personality and ambition for Neely.

I love, love, love that Josh and I have witnessed all of Neely’s fun milestones in the last 11 months. She has gone from that scrunchy and squeaky newborn to rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling herself up on things, walking along furniture and people and soon walking completely on her own. We started out with newborn diapers, baths in the sink, breastfeeding and swaddling and now have size 3 diapers, bath time with her big sister playing and splashing each other and mama, table food and crawling with her blanket in tow! These months have gone by so quickly but you know what they say…



Confessions of the Modern Mama December 3, 2010

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Confession #1

We all have fuses and some of them are longer then others. Mine has been short lately {my poor family}. I always seem to get caught in the heat of a teachable moment with my darling daughters while in public. The majority of the time it is a pleasant teachable moment and others are not so pleasant. Recently my 2 year old has been testing how independent we will allow her to be. She loves to “help” but does not understand that some times are more appropriate to help then others. For instance I brought them out to a lunch date with a friend from college. I had Neely in a stroller and Kelsey wanted to help push her out of the restaurant which would normally be fine but it was very crowded and there were lots of cars coming in and out of the parking lot. So I took the stroller handle to help direct Kelsey and protect her from any cars in the parking lot. Well how dare I try to take over Kelsey’s responsibility of pushing her sister into on coming traffic?! What kind of mother am I?

Well after taking over the reins of the stroller and Kelsey having a complete meltdown because of it.  I put the breaks on the stroller and disciplined {spanked} Kelsey on the curb between the restaurant and the parking lot for yelling at me and being defiant against my instruction. Yes I spanked my child in public. As I lifted my head from handling the situation a man was sitting right in front of me watching everything {who knows how many people witnessed it from inside the restaurant?!}. He never said anything to me but had an intrigued look on his face. I thought about apologizing as I walked by him with my distraught child but then thought to myself I have no reason to apologize. This is the way my husband and I have decided is best to discipline our children.

I look at it like this – I often hear older people complaining about disrespectful and lazy teenagers, often they blame that on a lack of discipline. Then there is the other side where people find it abusive to spank your children in discipline.

We discipline our children because we love them and we want them to grow up to be respectful and respected children, teenagers, young adults and eventually adults! Children will be children and they will have their moments as everyone does. But I am the parent for a reason and they are children for a reason. We are here to teach, instruct, protect and nourish our children into a healthy adulthood. So I confess that I discipline my children in public but there is no way I regret it!


little inchbug! October 31, 2010

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Another great product

One that I love and has come in handy many times for my little munchkins.

Inchbug… what is it?

A stylish rubber band that discreetly has your child’s name on it. It’s so simple and practical. It is the perfect band for all types of bottles and cups.

Have you ever been at the gym franticly gathering your belongings and stand there looking at 3 sippy cups that are all the same… no need to wonder which one is yours any more!
When we bought these we actually bought 2 kinds, a pink band that has Kelsey’s name on it and a purple band that has Neely’s name on it. Check it out this product you won’t be disappointed!