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An overdue update May 22, 2012

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I am still alive and kicking

Another 6 months has gone by without any blog posts from this modern mama {sorry about that}. As always our family has been healthy and busy with lots of wonderful things.

I recently celebrated a birthday, my 2_th birthday to be exact {I’ll let you make your own guesses on the exact number} and I really enjoyed this birthday. More this year than any other year before I really reflected on where I have been, what I have done, where I am currently and what direction am I heading in. I highly recommend everyone doing this. Why wouldn’t you sit down and map out your life to make good choices towards getting yourself and family towards the end goal.

A growing family

Children grow a lot in 6 months! Kelsey will be 4 in September and currently loves twirling like a ballerina, swinging and jumping onto anything that will hold her weight {she calls this gymnastics} and she really enjoys making worm soup, which is what she id doing right now. Who doesn’t love dirt, water and a ballerina dress?!
Neely is 2 and half now and is probably the funniest person we have ever met! She loves mocking Kelsey, playing with her bunny {her name is bun bun and she goes EVERYWHERE with Neely}, playing dolls and snuggling. Neely really is a little tough puff, she likes to get down and dirty too. Both girls are avid in park hopping! Life is fun and busy with these girls, there is never a dull moment… just the way we like it!

here are a few pictures of our family as we continue to grow together:Image

Kelsey & Neely a few weeks ago playing at the park, ย they really are best friends which makes my heart full


Kelsey & Josh doing what they do best together… act silly ๐Ÿ™‚


This is our family picture for Easter this year. We visited family in PA and had such a great time!


Neely giving a serious double thumbs up right before she heads down the slide.


Neely doing what she does best… play with bun bun ๐Ÿ™‚