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little inchbug! October 31, 2010

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Another great product

One that I love and has come in handy many times for my little munchkins.

Inchbug… what is it?

A stylish rubber band that discreetly has your child’s name on it. It’s so simple and practical. It is the perfect band for all types of bottles and cups.

Have you ever been at the gym franticly gathering your belongings and stand there looking at 3 sippy cups that are all the same… no need to wonder which one is yours any more!
When we bought these we actually bought 2 kinds, a pink band that has Kelsey’s name on it and a purple band that has Neely’s name on it. Check it out this product you won’t be disappointed!


Mama’s who make a difference October 13, 2010

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Not only can we make a difference in the lives of our children

But we can also make a difference in the lives of others!

Recently a small group of my friends and I started an agency looking to do just that, make a difference. But we need YOU to help make that difference happen.

Think What If

You could fill a lot into that sentence.
Think What If… the possibilities were endless!

The agency that we have created is designed to raise funds for charities that help people in areas of the world that most will never travel to, but just because they may not physically be there doesn’t mean they still can’t help those people. Lets help them NOW, lets make a difference NOW.

I love how my friend worded this in her blog…

Is it perfect? Nope. Is it complete? Nope. Is it launched? Yup! Do we need your help? Yup!
People are desperately waiting for our help…yours and ours. We can’t help them without you. We’ve created a platform for you to make a difference. – Thank you Amy, I could not have said it better!!

CLICK HERE to find out how you can help.


The home birth call… October 7, 2010

“The Call”

Last Monday evening I received a somewhat urgent call. Our friend was in labor and needed our help! This is one of my Bradley girlfriends I’ve talked about before in my post Girlfriends needed, she had a home birth planned for her second babies arrival. This was so exciting and a little unexpected as all of her back up {our girlfriends} weren’t as prepared for her birth as we were for everyone else’s. Thinking we had another week or so till D-day we were all caught off guard by” the call”. So when I got the call I knew something must of been up, this couple was planning to be just the 2 of them with their midwife and doula during the delivery. If things got out of hand or dad needed back up we were all there on the double. So, this was the DOUBLE!

I quickly shipped the my little girls off to my parents house and jetting into the city where they live. On my way there I was planning all of my motivating Ina May quotes, inspirations words, and preparing my calm and relaxed spirit to bring into the birthing atmosphere. After I drove around in circles looking for a stinkin parking spot I finally decided I didn’t care if I got a parking ticket and parked kind of close to a fire hydrant. Then I ran a block in the rain with a bag backed of water, pita bread and hummus in case it was a long night.

A delivery for the ages!

As I leaped up the steps to their house I took a deep breath and calmed my excited spirit down and was ready to help in anyway possible. I cautiously opened the door trying to be quiet. Just as I stepped into the house I looked around and there stood an empty birthing tub with no water in it what so ever. huh!?! Everything was so quiet, no one was in serious labor here. Just then my girlfriend, Leandra came down the stairs and said “she’s up stairs!”  “Gali?” I asked and she responded “well yes, and the baby they had a girl. No one was here to help and they delivered her in the bath tub upstairs!” WHAT?! As I walked upstairs there she laid in her comfy bed, Gali and her beautiful baby girl with dad laying right next to them. I have never seen a father so shocked with joy before, and for a few reasons. One they didn’t know what they were having but they were pretty sure it was a boy, and two he just delivered his child all by himself!! What a rush!! Then I looked in the corner and there was my dear girlfriend Michelle bursting with excitement but trying so hard to contain it. She is such a nut and gets hysterically wacky in fun situations like this.

Their doula arrived very shortly after they delivered their littler girl in their bath tub, and helped them move comfortably to their bedroom. Then came Gali’s mom, Michelle and Leandra and me. Our friend Kelly was missing, what the heck she is rarely late and wouldn’t miss something like this for the world. Go figure it was yoga night with her daughter! Kelly arrived shortly after I did all ready for a long night of laboring and was just as surprised as we were when she walked through the door to find out the baby already arrived and she came with no help.

We all hung out and took some great photos and videos of the sweet little arrival and the proud parents. It was truly an experience even though we missed the real eventful stuff. It was fun to be together at such an important part of our friends life!


Pro’s of being a stay at home Mama October 5, 2010

My fun family at the beach!

I recently saw this quote

A friend had posted this on facebook and I thought it was so perfect for this post

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only, to support the ultimate career” – C S Lewis

For all stay at home mamas this better put a smile on your face, its a little pat on the back for all the hard work you do that seems to go unnoticed.

As a stay at home mama you are irreplaceable to your child{ren}

There is nothing better than the personal investment into your own child that will someday outlive you! You are the number one example for them as you live your life in front of them day by day.  It is wonderful to be able to teach your children what you want them to learn and at the rate you know they can learn it.

Now depending on how much money your income brings in most of the time it saves a family money to stay at home and raise the children instead of paying for a daycare or a nanny. Also paying for the commute to work, work clothes etc. If after paying for a daycare, commute and work clothes you are still bringing in a worth while income it comes down to priority. What are your priorities? Did you bring children into the world to have other people raise them for you? Although sometimes that sounds nice but that’s not how parenting and raising children was intended.

When there is a parent home to take care of the family and home the stress level in the house is reduced {there are always ‘those’ days though}. I know from a little bit of experience. After delivering Kelsey I took my six weeks off then returned back to my part-time job as the Deputy Town Clerk in our town to finish out the 2008 year {it was roughly 6 weeks I went back to work for}. Now our town hall is… we live next door so my commute was literally 5 seconds away. Even with that short of a commute it was still stressful to get out of the house on time, have Kelsey ready for an entire day away from home and hoping she had enough milk to last the day {for my fellow breastfeeding mamas that can be a challenge in and of itself}. Then having to pump while at work and hoping you are on the same feeding schedule as your baby. Not to mention having an idea of what dinner will be when you get home and keeping the house clean all on a few hours sleep… no thanks! That was seriously the most stressful and exhausting 6 weeks of my life!!

I am not saying that being a stay at home mama will solve all these issues immediately

And that they will never occur again because that’s just not realistic. But a flexible schedule makes things much easier for you, your child and the overall atmosphere of your home. Did you have a rough night with the baby? If you have a job to go to in the morning that baby needs to be up and ready to go by 7am no matter how much rest they got. {that sucks for you and your baby!}

What mom doesn’t want to witness all the firsts in their child’s life? Staying at home with your kids is more than just witnessing these milestones its about growing your children into the adults you want them to become. Building their character and preparing them for life. It would be great if you as the parent were the one to do that since you brought them into the world. The first few years of life are so crucial it is  important to have consistent and strong relationship with them.. Josh and I discussed the topic of to stay home or not to stay home before we ever had children. There really wasn’t much of a discussion the decision was that simple to make. We want to be the ones to raise our children not some random employee at a daycare that may not even be there in 3 weeks.

It makes me sad when I hear working moms say I’d never be a stay at home mom, my kids would drive me nuts and all stay at home moms do is spend their husbands money, never contributing to it. I know a women who has said that before! The jokes on her because she is missing out on a lot with her kids because of that attitude.

By the time she gets home at 5 or 6pm her kids are exhausted and cranky. The best part of their day was spent with someone else. As far as kids driving her nuts, yeah it happens but tomorrow is a new day and what better opportunity to grow as a loving parent. Kelsey gave Josh and I one of those opportunities today, she is great at it! And as far as spending all her husbands money… not always. Maybe the women she knows do that but most of the stay at home mamas I know are the most frugal people around! I guess its all about priority.

Here are a few wonderful milestones & memories I may have missed out on if I went to a job everyday.

* Teaching my children how to sit up, crawl, walk, run and skip
* Giggling with them in their cribs before nap time {Yes I did say in  their cribs, they are quit sturdy!!}
* Teaching Kelsey how to feed and be a great mommy to her babies by watching how I am with Neely
* Afternoon picnics at the park with our friends on a Tuesday because we can
* Reading and singing with my girls for however long they want and then they’ll singing back to me and read me stories
* I get to hear them giggle at one another in their cribs when they should be napping {but their laughs are totally worth it!}
* Teach them the importance of chores around the house {Kelsey assists with dishes, making beds, and picking up toys}

I am the one that gets to teach them all of these fun things! I am not saying that staying at home with your children is the only way to go, I have many friends who work full-time and part-time some because that’s what they want and others because their family needs that extra money. BUT if you have a choice in staying home with your kids or working what is your priority?


You know you’re a mama when… October 4, 2010

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I was standing in my kitchen a few weeks ago chatting it up with a friend that has a son just about the same age as Kelsey, as we made our cups of tea we were laughing about the funny things our kids have been doing lately. Then she made a comment “you know you’re a mom when…” and I started dying laughing. So I hope you enjoy this post, I figured most moms would know where I am coming from 🙂

You know you’re a mama when…

You have to remove toys from the bath tub just to take a shower

If taking a long hot shower in peace and quiet is rare… VERY rare

Boogers and puke don’t really effect you any more

“Clean up! Clean up! everybody everywhere” becomes a part of your everyday vocabulary

Bags under your eyes are the everyday normal

You can change a diaper with your eyes closed

You have memorized every cartoon theme song under the sun

You shop for your kids more than yourself because its easier than trying on clothes

It takes more than 1 trip to the car to run a simple errand

Your breath magically turns into Lysol and a simple puff of your breath will clean anything off

All of the sudden your laundry triples thanks to burp clothes, diaper blowouts, grass stains… the list goes on

You don’t wear nice clothes often knowing that when you do the little ones will spill something on you

A simple little smile or giggle can turn a bad attitude around

You get up in the middle of the night to take care of a crying child and run into 4 toys on your way there

When wearing clothes that have spit up or other baby issued stains on your shoulder is no biggie

When you have become a taxi driver

When you have trouble finishing a thought or sentence because you’re distracted or just struck with MOM BRAIN!

As we all know the list could go on and on

What are some of your favorite “you know your a mama when…”?
It is a joy and an honor to be a mama and all these things listed above make me smile whether good or bad.

It’s good to be a mama 🙂