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I’m Back!! What have I been up to?! November 9, 2011

Hi! I’m Bethany, nice to meet you… again!

Yes, it has been a while {a long while} since I have posted a blog. The Crocker family has been busy to say the least. I believe my last blog was around February, well what have we been up to during my 8 month hiatus? Let me share with you.

First I will back up to December of 2010 when I was in a car accident for the first time ever. It was awful, our car was totaled 2 weeks before Christmas leaving us car less. Due to the accident I started seeing a chiropractor multiple times a week. To this day I am still dealing with repercussions of the accident as far as doctors visits, and insurance paper work. What an ugly mess.
A few days after my accident my mom was also in a sever accident causing her serious injury’s that eventually required major back surgery. This was the first winter that New York State snow has gotten the best of us.

In January my father in law who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease also known as ALS fell and was in the hospital with several sever injuries. Back and forth to the hospital we went for about 2 weeks. I am so thankful for wonderful friends and church family who helped us out during this.

In March my mom had her back surgery and was in the hospital for about a week. Back and forth to the hospital we went again. During this time we were super busy helping my family and Josh’s family in any way we could. 

After my Father-in-Law re cooperated as much as he could from his fall in January he decided we should go on family cruise… so we went, Crocker’s take the Bahamas 🙂 On the second day of our cruise my Father-in-Law fell again. This fall caused him to need immediate brain surgery upon us docking. Half of our family stayed with my Father-in-Law while the other half was ordered to stay on the ship and enjoy the rest of our trip. How are we suppose to do that? But we did manage as best as we could.
Upon our return to the NYC port as soon as our phone’s got service again I had multiple text messages, voice mails and email. My Nana who was 95 years old passed away the night before. Later on that week we attended her memorial service and celebrated her life. Again I can’t say enough how thankful we are for wonderful friends and church family. This all happened late March and early April. From this point on at least once sometimes twice a week Josh would stay over night with his dad while his mom worked the evening shift at the hospital. At the time this was hard because Josh was gone a lot between helping to take care of his dad, drilling for the Army and schooling for weeks/months at a time for the Army. We were apart quite a bit.

The month of June Josh spent serving in California with the Army while the girls and I traveled around visiting family and friends to keep ourselves busy. I also started my Etsy shop .

In August my Father-in-Law got very sick and was hospitalized for about 3 weeks, eventually moving from the hospital to a nursing home/ living center for better care for his needs. During this month I was also organizing a wedding with 2 other friends. We had organized and planned this wedding in less that 2 months… I know it was crazy! However we are just that good 🙂 Josh was also hired on to the Sales Team and the gym we have been working out at for the last 2 years. This was a huge change for us as he had been working from home for about a year and half. To be honest I think I am still adjusting to this change.

September was moving month! We moved into our new home, this was a great move for us. We have more room, more land and couldn’t be happier!

In October my Father-in-Law was given the prognosis of 1-2 more weeks to live. On October 22nd his pain and suffering was over and he was walking the streets of gold! We had an earthly loss but Heaven had quite the gain!! We are once again thankful for our friends and family that have helped us through not only this time but all the time through the past year. Our hearts are full of love and encouragement from them.
Josh was able to spend a lot of time in the woods the past few weeks hunting, thinking, and praying and God blessed us with Josh’s first deer! This was really exciting for Josh, something he has wanted to do for a while and has finally been able to.

Now we are in November and what better time to look back on the past 10 months and see how God has stretched and grown us. Most people would say “What a crappy year!” and several people have said that but we are reminded that God has never given us something we can’t handle. We really do serve a great God!

Here are some pictures throughout our adventures this year!

Hanging out with my father-in-law on a beautiful summer night!

Josh giving his girls the love wink

A hilarious family photo on the cruise while at sea

Josh and I while at sea {note the sunkissed faces!}

Josh and the girls enjoying the water slide on the ship

 Our new home 🙂

In September celebrating Kelsey’s 3 birthday!




Not too late for 2011 Rezzies January 2, 2011

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Goals Goals Goals

Whats the point of setting a goal? To achieve them right!? Achieving is the reason for setting them but also to grow and stretch yourself to becoming better at whatever it is you desire. Careless resolutions or goal made and never kept cause one year to blend into the next with little change. When making goals really think about where you want to be at the end of 2011, what do you want for your family? What are you willing to do about it so you can accomplish this goal?

I prefer to break my goals down into 4 categories Physical, Social, Mental, and Family. Here is an example of categorizing your goals, these are some of my 2010 goals.

Physical – Don’t get pregnant & run a 5k
Social – Host a family for dinner at least once a month & Keep in better contact with out of town friends {call monthly}
Mental – Read 10 books & 10 quiet uninterrupted minutes a day
Family – Potty train Kelsey, Monthly dates with Josh & Become more frugal when shopping for our family {food & clothes}

I find it easiest if you break your goals down like this and also decided what the best way to achieve them is. I can not just say I am going to run a 5k and show up the day of the race and expect to be pleased with my performance… well maybe if I was a natural born runner but I’m not. So in order to achieve my goal I knew I was going to have to spend some time in the gym cross training and getting back in shape after just having a baby. I then set another goal to workout consistently 4 days a week.

I encourage you to set goals for 2011. Post them where you will see them often so you will be reminded to take action on them. You won’t be disappointed. And just because its already January 2nd doesn’t mean its too late to get started. I have a good friend that never decides what his goals are until February or March… So what are you waiting for?!


Cheers to 2011 🙂


Birth Story #2 Happy Birthday Neely!! December 30, 2010

‘Twas a few day after Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even the baby who is 4 days late inside of me now!

Tuesday afternoon December 29, 2009 I went to a scheduled Dr. appointment to have a non stress test because my baby bump was not removing itself on time. As I sat there hooked up to the machines listening and feeling my little gremlin wiggle and move inside of me I watched the monitors telling me I was having consistent contractions ever 10 minutes. The nurse re-enter the room to tell me the same observation of the results “wow! you’re not feeling this? it says you are having contractions every 10 minutes on the dot.” “no, not really I just have a little back pain but its bearable.” I said to her. This poor nurse insisted on having the Dr. come talk to me one last time before leaving the office, as she thought I may want to think about heading to the hospital soon. {HA!} And just as every Dr. I had seen for the last 2 weeks told me “you should go into labor at any time now!” and I thought to myself riiiiiight! So I hopped off the table and headed home to pass the time playing with my crazy 15 month old.

Hours have gone by

and nothing was happening. Josh had come home from work and we had eaten dinner… nothing. My mom {who is pretty much my unofficial doula} decided she wanted to spend the night JUST incase anything were to happen. We put Kelsey to bed one last time hoping that when she woke in the morning she would be a big sister. And the three of us proceeded to watch hilarious Youtube videos while I tried to bounce this baby out of me by  gently bouncing and rocking on a yoga ball. I was so tired and knew I should get a good nights rest incase anything did go down the following day. So about 11:30 I hopped into bed with my 75 pillows between my legs and snoozed of delivering this baby.


I’m up not only to pee for the 15th time but I’m having some serious rumbles in my tumbles. Real contractions had begun. You moms know the ones where you can’t sit still through them, and they are more than just a period cramp. I tried to stay in bed and just flip flop back and forth through them because I wasn’t ready to get up yet… not happening so I crept out to the living {where my mom was sleeping} to snatch the yoga ball and rock on that. Of course my mom spotted the staggering pregnant women attempting to be graceful at 3 am. I sat on the ball and talked to her for a few minutes and finally when another contraction struck she jumped off the sofa and whispered with glee “I’M GETTING READY!!!”.  I slowly got Josh up but wasn’t really in a rush. I continued laboring for hours and finally gave in to call our friend to come watch Kelsey for us and my Bradley girls to get their camera and video cams ready to go… We’re having a baby 🙂


We arrive at the hospital. On our way there Josh asked for my prediction of when the baby would be out by. Of course I was super optimistic and said he/she will be out by 8am! okay okay how about 10am I  agreed. When I got to the hospital I was only 6cm dilated, totally bummed and a little discouraged because I really felt I was farther than that. But that didn’t matter anymore now I was wrestling with the nurse between contractions that it wasn’t necessary for me to have an IV – I was very well hydrated!! I insisted that it wasn’t necessary, I had a baby a year ago with out one and was fine… come on people. After that ordeal I wobbled to our room {which happened to be the same room I delivered Kelsey in – so cool and motivating!} and began super-duper labor. This was way more intense than last stage labor with Kelsey. Thankful we had an excellent nurse who only did what we asked and after Josh explained very clearly to her that drugs were not an option we were good to go! My Bradley girls had arrived with cameras in hand and lots of positive energy I was all set. For the next almost 2 hours I labored off and on the yoga ball with the best birthing partner by my side helping me breath through every contraction {Joshy poo!} We can laugh about it now but while I was in the midst of several contractions back to back and I was forcefully throwing my entire body onto Josh as he knelt down in front of me massaging my back and coaching me he stands up at the end of a contraction to stretch out and says “man!, this is killing my knees.” I could feel the eyeballs rolling from the 3 moms behind me with a few snickers who have all had natural births and put their husbands through the same thing, it was so classic 🙂

I had hit that point where I was involuntarily pushing

I was so focused through all of my laboring I could hardly keep my eyes open. I had hit that final point and knew it was time to move so I could push. It was so uncomfortable moving at all but it had to be done, and still my water had not broken {this happened with Kelsey}. As I am getting on the bed I faintly hear the nurses say that the Dr. that was supposed to deliver {the same Dr. I saw the day before} had just gone into a surgery and was no longer available… here we go again I thought {I had some random Dr. with Kelsey also}. A few minutes went by which is like an eternity when you are in labor and the nurses are getting everything ready for delivery and all of a sudden a women comes running into the room. Have no fear it was a Dr. who ran from another building down the road because no one else was available to deliver. At this point I was so focused I hardly remember this but she introduced herself to me {I couldn’t tell you her name if my life depended on it} and congratulated Josh and I  then proceeded to ask me if we took hypnobirthing classes because I was so focused it was hard to believe there were no drugs involved and how rare it is to see a women labor so calmly and focused. I remember answering her “HA! no” and that was that 🙂 My water finally broke {on its own this time} and within minutes {3 pushes} we had another little GIRL 🙂
Neely Edyn was born 7lbs 9oz 21inches born at 10:02 am

Party of 4

A year later and Neely has grown so much and is sweeter than ever. Kelsey and Neely are like 2 peas in a pod, they are truly BFF’s and the Crocker clan couldn’t be happier 🙂


November 23, 2010

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The holidays are upon us, I love planning all the fun holiday meals and get togethers with our families and friends. There are lots of fun crafts to do with the kids to help decorate the house as a family too. We as a family have much to be thankful for and not only because of this time of year, all year round we are blessed. Here is a little acrostic for THANKFUL and a few things that I am specifically thankful for! I hope you enjoy it. Share a few things you are thankful for!!

Traveling with my daughters and husband
A lot of lessons learn {good and bad}
New Friends
Kind hearts {those that put up with my shenanigans}
Ultimate gift {salvation}


Does this EVER get easier?! September 3, 2010

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Pregnant women don’t realize just how good they have it!

Pregnant women don’t have to change diapers. They don’t have to deal with a hungry screaming baby; carrying heavy gear in and out of stores {just that heavy belly!} the list could go on. I personally think that’s the easiest having a child will be. You always know where they are and who’s taking care of them. It’s great!

However they eventually come out and they become little people of their own. As they grown and develop so do their motor skills, vocabulary, ahh yes and we must not forget their will power! Oh the will of a toddler 🙂 To be very honest and transparent with you the last 2-3 days have been… brain rattling for me! Between a strong willed 23 month old and a teething 8 month old it can be very frustrating to say the least.

I can’t take it anymore!

As I was about to break down in tears while pulling my hair out and sweating profusely I thought to myself does this ever get easier? It has to right?! Eventually they won’t need me to change their diapers or accidents in their Elmo undies? They’ll get all their teeth someday and stop crying… okay screaming? How about this, will they ever pay attention when I call their name? Oh man so many questions. People survive raising kids don’t they?! On that particular day it wasn’t looking good for me.

As I announced to Josh that we were giving the girls up for adoption he kindly reminded me how blessed I am to be the one to raise these girls and go through all of this with them instead of shipping them off to some teenybopper at a daycare that doesn’t know what she’s doing {which I am positive some days it would be easier to do that!}. So I stopped in the middle of my pity party and took a few deep breaths then really thought about what I was so worked up over… oh my gosh its not that bad in the grand scheme of things. Everything would have been better if I had just fixed my attitude from the start. I think thats where the root of most issues are, your attitude.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

You know the saying a happy wife, happy life. Boy is that true! Everyone would of been much happier if I were able to keep a attitude positive and be the encouraging mama/wife I am suppose to be instead of letting minute things pester me. So what if Neely does lung exercises for a few minutes while I finish taking care of Kelsey everyone will survive! Instead I should use those times to teach my kids what patients looks like, and the proper response to a sticky situation. Things will get easier so I am told and when we look back it won’t ever seem as bad as it was while we were going through it. Yeah there are going to be times when one child is screaming and the other is tugging at my shirt trying to get my attention while a buzzer is going off. OH WELL! Its times like that that make us SUPER MOM 🙂 For now I might as well enjoy the chaos and do my best to bring everyone out alive and happy!


Meet the Fam… Part II August 31, 2010

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Extended Family

After my first post introducing the family a few “extended family” members were a little crushed that they didn’t make the cut. We have some wonderful friends that play a big part in Josh and My life as well as our girls. Here are just a few!!

Dale {Uncle Roach} – Dale is best known for his phlegmatic ways and also being the hangout king. It is classic of uncle Roachie as kelsey calls him from time to time to just appear in the doorway as if everything was normal 🙂 He is a great friend that we have enjoyed getting to know over the last year.

Nathan {Uncle Bruce} – Bruce is kelsey’s numero uno! she loves herself some Bruce. I think what she may enjoy most is how Bruce and Josh toss Kelsey around like a little rag doll. She is a tuff puff and gets a kick out of things like that.

Amy {Aunt Mose} – Also known as Aaaaaaaaaaaaaamy! The girls chit chat most about their Aunt Mose and ask frequently where she is. When I return the question back with “I’m not sure Kels where do you think Aunt Mose is?” the usual response is: “she’s in the backseat.” or “Amy is in the potty.” hmmmm!? Kelsey also enjoys Aunt Mose’s collection of shoes and purses, she truly is a great aunt!

Dan {Uncle Danny or Boone} – Dan is such a goof without even trying, all the more reason the girls love him. Dan knows nothing about babies or toddlers making their interaction even more hilarious. He is just one of those uncles!

So now if and when these extended family members are ever mentioned in future posts you’ll have a little background on them.


Mama does know… August 27, 2010

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Does this sound familiar?

At age 4: Mom knows everything!
At 8: Mom knows a lot!
At 12: Mom doesn’t really know everything.
At 14: Mom doesn’t know anything.
At 16:Mom doesn’t exist.
At 18: She’s old fashioned.
At 25: Maybe Mom does know about this!
At 35: Before we decide, let’s ask Mom.
At 45: I wonder what Mom thinks about this?
At 75: I wish I could ask …my Mom about this.

Although I personally haven’t made it past age 25

I am learning how much my Mom does know, and I am thankful for it! Now that I am raising my own children I understand a little more why my Mom {and Dad} did what they did or said what they said. Raising children is no task for the faint of heart. Especially if they are anything like my darling Kelsey. She is a sweetheart but a busy sweetheart and if her busyness is not well directed then we get trouble! I can only imagine what I put my parents through as a child, I know it must of been good too because I hear them chuckle from time to time as I am teaching Kelsey right from wrong even though what she did was pretty stinkin’ funny.

You never realize how much your Mom does know until you are going through a situation and all of the sudden you get flashbacks of your Moms voice “No Bethany you may not do… yada yada yada!” then I think to myself “CRAP! she was totally right!”. My appreciation for my mom grows as I get older and am put through situations that she was once tested with and it turns out my mom did know what she was doing and wasn’t as dumb and I thought she was! {So sorry Mama!}

I think seeing how much my mom misses her mom

who passed away almost 15 years ago adds a new perspective. I remember while growing up one of us {I am 1 of 3 kids} would achieve something great and the first thing my mom would want to do is tell her mom… but she wasn’t there to tell. Specifically there was a time shortly after my grandma died that my mom literally picked up the phone and paused and put it back down. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it! I can’t imagine life with out my mom! I don’t want to imagine what it would be like. She has been {and still is} such an important part of my life and my daughters lives too. I am thankful I have passed any stage of thinking my mom isn’t the smartest and wanting nothing to do with her. The room is truly brighter when she walks in. Sorry age 75 but I hope I don’t know what that one feels like.

I hope this post sets your mind towards your Mama and how much she does know and loves you and that’s why she does the crazy things she does… because she’s your Mama! And don’t forget, us Mama’s have eyes in the back of our heads!!

My Mama & me getting ready for my wedding


Meet the Fam! August 24, 2010

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Josh (Papa or Dad) – a budding entrepreneur, and fellow blogger ( ) He is honestly the best father anyone could ask for! Our girls L O V E their Papa with all their hearts as they should, he is the most funny person I have ever met and they will ever meet in their life! Josh is also a Sergeant in the Army Reserves which causes him to travel multiple times throughout the year. Josh loves fitness and healthy living all while having a good time. Oh and he is super outdoorsy too. I am thankful to call him my best friend.

Kelsey (Jo Jo) – Kelsey is our oldest daughter that will be turning 2 the end of September. She continues to amaze both Josh and me daily. Currently she has a love for purses and shoes, this could be a very dangerous fetish in about 10 years. However she is a girl after my own heart! Kelsey is the perfect mix between a girly girl and a tomboy {her father is so thankful she is not a pansy}. If Kelsey had things her way she would be rolling around in a puddle with a pair of Mama’s high heels on. This spring my Mama bought Kelsey some flowers to plant at her house, she bought Kelsey impatience and she bought them for a reason! Kelsey knows what she wants and she wants it right now, a very strong willed little girl at her best.

Neely (Nee nee) – Little Neely is almost 8 months old. She has a growing personality that will only live up to true Crocker fashion, to be one of a kind! Her facial expressions are unbeatable. Like her big sister Neely is learning what she wants and when she wants it {NOW}. However Kelsey and Neely have the perfect relationship, Kelsey loves to entertain and Neely loves to be entertained. I am praying this relationship never changes and if so only for the better! Nee nee is working on her ability to crawl and stand firmly. Her latest milestone was saying “dadda” while pointing at Josh last night. I’m not sure who was more excited Josh or Neely?! Both our girls are famous for their lack of hair, if you had to choose little girls to be bald or SUPER blonde it would be them, they have the most perfectly shaped head {or so people at wegmans tell me all the time}.

Bethany (Mama) – I am the glue that holds this family together. Although Josh and I work as a team and a very good team for that matter there are just some things I must do, especially when Josh is gone on orders for the Army. All while keeping the house organized and clean I manage to have fun with everyone. Some days are definitely better than others but that is part of running a household. I love being with my family, they really are 3 of the funniest people I know with the best senses of humor. I am blessed!