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The home birth call… October 7, 2010

“The Call”

Last Monday evening I received a somewhat urgent call. Our friend was in labor and needed our help! This is one of my Bradley girlfriends I’ve talked about before in my post Girlfriends needed, she had a home birth planned for her second babies arrival. This was so exciting and a little unexpected as all of her back up {our girlfriends} weren’t as prepared for her birth as we were for everyone else’s. Thinking we had another week or so till D-day we were all caught off guard by” the call”. So when I got the call I knew something must of been up, this couple was planning to be just the 2 of them with their midwife and doula during the delivery. If things got out of hand or dad needed back up we were all there on the double. So, this was the DOUBLE!

I quickly shipped the my little girls off to my parents house and jetting into the city where they live. On my way there I was planning all of my motivating Ina May quotes, inspirations words, and preparing my calm and relaxed spirit to bring into the birthing atmosphere. After I drove around in circles looking for a stinkin parking spot I finally decided I didn’t care if I got a parking ticket and parked kind of close to a fire hydrant. Then I ran a block in the rain with a bag backed of water, pita bread and hummus in case it was a long night.

A delivery for the ages!

As I leaped up the steps to their house I took a deep breath and calmed my excited spirit down and was ready to help in anyway possible. I cautiously opened the door trying to be quiet. Just as I stepped into the house I looked around and there stood an empty birthing tub with no water in it what so ever. huh!?! Everything was so quiet, no one was in serious labor here. Just then my girlfriend, Leandra came down the stairs and said “she’s up stairs!”  “Gali?” I asked and she responded “well yes, and the baby they had a girl. No one was here to help and they delivered her in the bath tub upstairs!” WHAT?! As I walked upstairs there she laid in her comfy bed, Gali and her beautiful baby girl with dad laying right next to them. I have never seen a father so shocked with joy before, and for a few reasons. One they didn’t know what they were having but they were pretty sure it was a boy, and two he just delivered his child all by himself!! What a rush!! Then I looked in the corner and there was my dear girlfriend Michelle bursting with excitement but trying so hard to contain it. She is such a nut and gets hysterically wacky in fun situations like this.

Their doula arrived very shortly after they delivered their littler girl in their bath tub, and helped them move comfortably to their bedroom. Then came Gali’s mom, Michelle and Leandra and me. Our friend Kelly was missing, what the heck she is rarely late and wouldn’t miss something like this for the world. Go figure it was yoga night with her daughter! Kelly arrived shortly after I did all ready for a long night of laboring and was just as surprised as we were when she walked through the door to find out the baby already arrived and she came with no help.

We all hung out and took some great photos and videos of the sweet little arrival and the proud parents. It was truly an experience even though we missed the real eventful stuff. It was fun to be together at such an important part of our friends life!


Girlfriends needed! August 29, 2010

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I know its hard to find time to do anything as a mom

Some days its a joy to get a shower before 5pm. Other days its a joy to have social interaction with someone other than 2 year old or 8 month old. That’s why girlfriends are a must! Especially girlfriends with kids, kids the same age as your kids!

I have a wonderful group of girlfriends that I have only known for 2 years but because we are all at the same point in our lives {we all have 2 year olds} it is like we have known each other forever! Its great! we have so much to talk about every time we get together. Getting us together at a restaurant with out our children is dangerous. Either we won’t leave because we have so much to talk about or we are cackling at each others stories so loud everyone wants to shoot us! Mamas N E E D nights like that. For the sake of their families 🙂

My Top 3 Reason these friendships are needed:

  1. Play dates – Seriously who wants to send their 10 month old who is crawling well but not yet walking into a den of wolves {a group of 3 year olds} NOT ME!!  It is so important for children to have interaction with other children their own age.
  2. Babysitters – Because these friends have children the same age as yours they know what they are doing and its actually enjoyable for them to watch your kid for a few hours because its like canceling out their own kid {that sounds much worse than what I intend it to}. I guess what I mean to say is the kids play together so your entertainment isn’t needed.
  3. Advice -Either these friends have already gone through what you are experiencing or are just going through it now and has a bunch of research for you or you both have no idea what you’re doing so you can head up a creek without a paddle together 🙂

I am sure there are many more reasons why these friendships are needed but my mama brain has me stumped!

The really cool thing about this group of girlfriends

The very thing(s) that we are passionate about is what brought us together. Our children. We all met in our birthing class through The Bradley Method, so we call ourselves the “Bradley Girls”. 12 weeks of classes together and we hardly spoke to one another and as soon as our classes ended we somehow began an email chain that encouraged one another up to our individual deliveries. After that the play dates began and are still going as we continue to add to the numbers of the group. We have only been together for 2 years but a special bond has been made. We have supported each other through second and third time births {by now some of us are professional birthing photographers!}, major decisions on health issues for child. Everything down to the moral support in potty training.  The best part about it is our kids are becoming friends too. We are one big happy family 🙂

If you don’t have girlfriends like this, get some!

Join a playgroup at your local library, befriends some mamas at the playground or gym you go to. It really makes a world of difference for you and your kiddo.

September 2009 celebrating 1 year with our little munchkins!

Our little party boat bums living the life


What sparked my passion August 26, 2010

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January 25, 2008 the double line arrived!

Josh and I are expecting our first child. A task I wasn’t really looking forward to but knew it was inevitable {delivering a baby}. Because I really knew nothing about being pregnant or delivering a child and Josh wasn’t much help on the topic we decided to take a highly recommended birthing class. The Bradley Method.

Boy are we thankful that we took those classes!!

The education we received in that 12 week course was phenomenal. Those classes better prepared us for the entire experience of having a baby. We were confident in the decisions we were making because of the information we were getting. Josh was excited about the delivery and was extremely helpful post delivery because he knew what to expect. Not to mention it was great having a specific day every week for 12 weeks set aside to specifically talk about and prepare for our future with our new baby.

The entire experience of preparing for a baby and actually delivering a baby was so text-book perfect and enjoyable I wanted in some way to be able to share that with others so they could have the same positive experience I did. That is what sparked my birthing passion!

After our Bradley classes

I started taking my nutrition more seriously especially now that it didn’t only effect me. How could I insist on my kid eating a healthy pb&j with carrots and hummus while I eat a bag of skittles for lunch, not happening!! So I started researching information about everything… vaccinations, nutrition, alternative formulas, and toys.  I never thought twice about these things before because it didn’t really affect me.
Well when you are responsible for raising a little human that eventually grows into an adult and repeats the cycle you kind of want to make sure you do a good job. You need to make sure you are nurturing your child in every way {physically, mentally, and spiritually} so that’s what I did.

I was given a book by my Pastor called Growing Up God’s Way by John A. Stormer. Wow! What a great book. If reading this book does not light a fire under your butt I am not sure what will. Reading about the important influence a parent has on a child’s life and also how crucial the first 3 years of life are was enough to spark my passion in being the best mama possible to the children I am blessed with. Trust me I have my bad days as a mom in fact just the other day I was ready to set both kiddos on the front step with a FREE sign! But this too shall pass, I remind myself very often of that 🙂 I really don’t care if it is always the popular thing to do as long as it’s the right thing I will keep plugging away at raising my children the Godly way! This book is what sparked my passion and method of raising my children the way I do!

Leave a comment and tell me what are you passionate about and why!