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my first birth story September 29, 2010

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September 29, 2008

3 days after my expected due date

8am the cramping began – I had just sent Josh off to work and started getting ready for the day. I was planning on going shopping with my mother in law for my sister in laws wedding on Saturday (it was Monday). That wasn’t looking to promising.

9am my mother in law shows up at my door. I was not at all ready to go but continued to attempt to get ready for the day as my mother in law waited and chatted from the living room.

12 noon after going for about a mile long walk {stopping periodically for contractions} and walking a few errands to the bank and post office it was time for a large protein lunch. I ate some scrambles eggs with cottage cheese and a yogurt, I then decided it was best for me to lay down and get some rest as I was banking on needing that energy later in delivery!

3:15pm I made the call to Josh for him to come home! He had really been anticipating this call. Before I had called him my contractions were getting so strong that I no longer could stretch through them or talk while they were taking place, I had to be up and moving or swaying while I was toning {toning for those that don’t know is a deep relaxed noise that mothers in labor make sometimes not by choice but it helps them to breath through the contraction and release what pain you can}.

3:45pm Josh got home with much excitement and drew me a bath to help me relax and work through the contractions. Mind you my water hadn’t broken yet so it was fine for me to be submerged in water. I had Josh run out to get a heating pad and tennis ball from his parents house to help relieve some back labor I was having. Within seconds of Josh leaving my mom came over after picking up my nephew from the babysitters, she hadn’t heard from me all day and wanted to see how things were going. To her surprise I was in labor! When she got there I was laboring in the bath tub flopping back and forth like a dying fish trying to get comfortable between contractions. This must of been a hilarious sight. Josh returned home within a few minutes and took my nephew to the playground so he was not distracting from my laboring and my mom stayed to help me and time contractions.
This always cracks me up when I think about it but my mom sat next to me and asked “have you been timing your contractions?” my response was “yes,… well until I couldn’t focus and count at the same time so I stopped” “ok! well you let me know when they start and I’ll time them for you” my mom said. After a few contractions my mom looked at me with a little bit of fear in her eyes and said “uhhh I am going to drain the tub, I’m strongly suggesting you go to the hospital because your contractions are consistent between 2-3 minutes apart.” I just thought to myself “UUGH! I have to move?!” Between the contractions I finished packing for the hospital and called the doctor to give them a heads up of my arrival 🙂

6:00pm We arrived at the hospital. Josh dropped me off at the door so I could get a head start up to the maternity floor while he parked the car. As I staggered into the hospital I made my way up to the 3rd floor and headed to triage. The midwife came in to check how far along I was, at this point I had hit my final transition and was ready to go… the only thing my water hadn’t broken yet. Encouraging news though when the midwife checked me, I was 10cm dilated!!!! The women started cheering and scrambling around to get me into a room. When I got into the delivery room a random doctor came in shortly after. I had talked to this doctor before we left our house and I knew then that he did not believe me when I told him how quick my labor has been and sure enough he walked in the door and said “well Mama things sure have moved along for you! most 1st timers are in labor for at least 14-18 hours.” I wasn’t really into all his chit chat. Because I was 10 cm and my water still hadn’t broken yet we decided to have the doctor break it, after doing so he told me he’d be back in a half hour… LOL what a joke after 2 back to back contractions I gave my loud warning “I’m pushing!!” That feeling is unmistakable then EVERYONE came running. As the nurses got everything prepped and ready the doc comes strolling in talking about the freakin antique road show. My sister video tapped me pushing Kelsey out {it took a whopping 10 minutes} and on the video you see me look over at Josh as my eyes roll to the back of my head with annoyance. I believe I even mouthed to him “seriously the antique road show?!?”
I focused so hard, took such deep breathes and pushed with every ounce of energy and out came this perfect little human at 6:42pm

Oh the sigh of relief

the sheer exhaustion and temporary pain of delivering a child into the world was some how immediately gone due to the adrenaline rush and joy of this great accomplishment and blessing we have been given. The feeling is truly indescribable! No drugs, no IV’s it was perfect and the way God intended childbirth… naturally.

I can honestly say the labor and delivery of Kelsey was one of the most exciting days of my life! Josh and I are truly blessed to have her in our life and given the opportunity to raise such a wonderful little girl.

Happy Birthday 2nd Kelsey Grace

We hope you know how loved you are!


3 Responses to “my first birth story”

  1. Leandra Says:

    :’) Beautiful, fun & entertaining! Just the way you Crockers are & always will be! Yes, Kelsey, you are loved!! Much love from us on your special day!! Happy Terrific Two little girl!!! XOs

  2. Aunt Lizzy Says:

    Oh Kelsey Aunt Lizzy was crying on the phone when I heard your first cry. I was so excited to be in on the excitement of your birth even if it was 600+ miles away. You bring joy to us in so many ways. I pray that one day you will find that true JOY in Jesus and that He will bless you beyond measure.

  3. Alvana Says:

    Beautifully written birth story! Congratulations on the 2nd birthday of your little one!

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