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Top 5 favorites about infants September 9, 2010

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Neely is not such an infant any more, she’s almost 9 months!

Having gone through the infant stage twice

There are definitely things I love about it and others that are less than impressive.

Here’s my top 5 things I love about the infant stage

5. Infants need YOU to survive – You are their advocate to the world and they need your love and affection to live. They definitely need you when you’re breastfeeding and they’re only source of food!

4. Lack of verbal skills – There is no sass back with these little ones 🙂 Although Neely seems to jabber pretty well thanks to her big sista, thankfully the demands of what she wants aren’t there yet 🙂

3. NAPS – I love how much sleep is required for babies to grow! It is so helpful in the recovery process of having a baby.

2. All the firsts – Their first smile, giggle, holding a toy and sitting up. Its all brand new to them which brings me to my final favorite.

1. Simple things make them happy – Because everything in the world is brand spankin’ new to them, making it all so amazing! I love it when  people start to become familiar to them and they can interact. The smile that comes across Neely’s face when she sees Josh or me makes me so happy, its that indescribable feeling as a mom!

Infants can be a lot of work but they are always worth it, and that stage in their life is so crucial for bonding. The time you spend with them is always well worth it. Love on those little love bugs 🙂


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