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Valentines Day Craft! February 4, 2011

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Bye Bye Christmas tree, Hello hearts

It is easy for me to put my Christmas decor away because I bust out our valentines day decor at the same time. That way our house doesn’t feel so empty and there is still something festive about it. As my girls grow we have enjoyed doing more crafts together. Neely is still a little young for the painting, cutting and gluing but she enjoys the opportunity of making a mess and not getting in trouble for it!


My oldest daughter is in a Pablo Picasso phase so we paint often… very often. This year to add an extra festive boost around the house we painted hearts… lots of hearts! It was so fun. I rolled out a bunch of paper and just drew big hearts and little hearts and she painted them in.  Still learning to paint in the lines? No problem! After the paint dried and the little ones went to bed I busted out the scissors and cut out all the hearts we painted and hung them around the house. When Kelsey woke up in the morning she was thrilled to see her masterpieces hanging in the kitchen and tapped on to some of the walls.


Plan a holiday craft with your child and choose an area to decorate, it is great to see the fun they have using their creativity. And its therapeutic for mamas like me with a little arts and crafts OCD to just chill out and watch them enjoy themselves creating a masterpiece. Who cares if it doesn’t match and is not between the lines, its beautiful in their eyes 🙂


The simple things bring such joy!


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