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Does this EVER get easier?! September 3, 2010

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Pregnant women don’t realize just how good they have it!

Pregnant women don’t have to change diapers. They don’t have to deal with a hungry screaming baby; carrying heavy gear in and out of stores {just that heavy belly!} the list could go on. I personally think that’s the easiest having a child will be. You always know where they are and who’s taking care of them. It’s great!

However they eventually come out and they become little people of their own. As they grown and develop so do their motor skills, vocabulary, ahh yes and we must not forget their will power! Oh the will of a toddler 🙂 To be very honest and transparent with you the last 2-3 days have been… brain rattling for me! Between a strong willed 23 month old and a teething 8 month old it can be very frustrating to say the least.

I can’t take it anymore!

As I was about to break down in tears while pulling my hair out and sweating profusely I thought to myself does this ever get easier? It has to right?! Eventually they won’t need me to change their diapers or accidents in their Elmo undies? They’ll get all their teeth someday and stop crying… okay screaming? How about this, will they ever pay attention when I call their name? Oh man so many questions. People survive raising kids don’t they?! On that particular day it wasn’t looking good for me.

As I announced to Josh that we were giving the girls up for adoption he kindly reminded me how blessed I am to be the one to raise these girls and go through all of this with them instead of shipping them off to some teenybopper at a daycare that doesn’t know what she’s doing {which I am positive some days it would be easier to do that!}. So I stopped in the middle of my pity party and took a few deep breaths then really thought about what I was so worked up over… oh my gosh its not that bad in the grand scheme of things. Everything would have been better if I had just fixed my attitude from the start. I think thats where the root of most issues are, your attitude.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

You know the saying a happy wife, happy life. Boy is that true! Everyone would of been much happier if I were able to keep a attitude positive and be the encouraging mama/wife I am suppose to be instead of letting minute things pester me. So what if Neely does lung exercises for a few minutes while I finish taking care of Kelsey everyone will survive! Instead I should use those times to teach my kids what patients looks like, and the proper response to a sticky situation. Things will get easier so I am told and when we look back it won’t ever seem as bad as it was while we were going through it. Yeah there are going to be times when one child is screaming and the other is tugging at my shirt trying to get my attention while a buzzer is going off. OH WELL! Its times like that that make us SUPER MOM 🙂 For now I might as well enjoy the chaos and do my best to bring everyone out alive and happy!


The modern lunchbox September 1, 2010

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One of my goals for this blog is to stay on top of great products that are useful for us as moms and then share them with you.

Ever heard of The Goodbyn Lunchbox?

Here is one of the first kids products… The Goodbyn lunchbox . This lunchbox is great! Who doesn’t love monsters? What mom doesn’t love something you can just toss in the dishwasher? What a great reusable lunchbox that encourages creativity, I am a huge fan of that.

Their website is really well put together. They have a suggested 3 week meal plan for lunches complete with a grocery list and it also breaks down each compartment and what should go in it. Talk about not having to think about lunches! That’s perfect for us “Mom Brain” mamas.

This product was really well thought out and is great for everyone not just elementary students. Also makes for a perfect birthday gift, back to school, or Christmas gift. Check them out and choose from the variety of colors! I am getting one for my nephew that just started pre-school. I can’t wait he is going to love this.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do!