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nearing 1 year of life December 8, 2010

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The first year of life brings forth so many changes in just 12 short months

As I watch my little Neely playing while I write this she is 11 months old { December 30th she will turn 1} and she is pulling herself up on to toys and walking along them as she is turning off and on the toy switches laughing with the deepest belly laugh. Last December she was still cooking in my oven!!

I enjoy reflecting on the past year plus the 9 months of growing her inside of me. While I was black Friday shopping a few weeks ago I thought about last year. My mom and I went out shopping at 5am for the first time ever and there we are laughing in the store because people are going bonkers after the hottest toy… except they couldn’t make it past my belly in the isle to get to the toy! Then they would say “excuse me”  but it didn’t matter what way I turned because I was so perfectly round at that point they weren’t getting by me and you know its pointless to even try and suck that belly in, it’s not going anywhere! This year I saw a bunch of beautiful pregnant mamas shopping and chuckled to myself because thats exactly what I looked like last year,and it was fun.

Josh and I watched a few videos the other day of the girls right after Neely was born. Man, Neely was so tiny and scrunchy, then there was Kelsey as bald as a baseball dancing to Mily Cyrus – Party in the USA. What the past year has brought to my family… hair for Kelsey and a sweet little personality and ambition for Neely.

I love, love, love that Josh and I have witnessed all of Neely’s fun milestones in the last 11 months. She has gone from that scrunchy and squeaky newborn to rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling herself up on things, walking along furniture and people and soon walking completely on her own. We started out with newborn diapers, baths in the sink, breastfeeding and swaddling and now have size 3 diapers, bath time with her big sister playing and splashing each other and mama, table food and crawling with her blanket in tow! These months have gone by so quickly but you know what they say…



Confessions of the Modern Mama December 3, 2010

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Confession #1

We all have fuses and some of them are longer then others. Mine has been short lately {my poor family}. I always seem to get caught in the heat of a teachable moment with my darling daughters while in public. The majority of the time it is a pleasant teachable moment and others are not so pleasant. Recently my 2 year old has been testing how independent we will allow her to be. She loves to “help” but does not understand that some times are more appropriate to help then others. For instance I brought them out to a lunch date with a friend from college. I had Neely in a stroller and Kelsey wanted to help push her out of the restaurant which would normally be fine but it was very crowded and there were lots of cars coming in and out of the parking lot. So I took the stroller handle to help direct Kelsey and protect her from any cars in the parking lot. Well how dare I try to take over Kelsey’s responsibility of pushing her sister into on coming traffic?! What kind of mother am I?

Well after taking over the reins of the stroller and Kelsey having a complete meltdown because of it.  I put the breaks on the stroller and disciplined {spanked} Kelsey on the curb between the restaurant and the parking lot for yelling at me and being defiant against my instruction. Yes I spanked my child in public. As I lifted my head from handling the situation a man was sitting right in front of me watching everything {who knows how many people witnessed it from inside the restaurant?!}. He never said anything to me but had an intrigued look on his face. I thought about apologizing as I walked by him with my distraught child but then thought to myself I have no reason to apologize. This is the way my husband and I have decided is best to discipline our children.

I look at it like this – I often hear older people complaining about disrespectful and lazy teenagers, often they blame that on a lack of discipline. Then there is the other side where people find it abusive to spank your children in discipline.

We discipline our children because we love them and we want them to grow up to be respectful and respected children, teenagers, young adults and eventually adults! Children will be children and they will have their moments as everyone does. But I am the parent for a reason and they are children for a reason. We are here to teach, instruct, protect and nourish our children into a healthy adulthood. So I confess that I discipline my children in public but there is no way I regret it!


November 23, 2010

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The holidays are upon us, I love planning all the fun holiday meals and get togethers with our families and friends. There are lots of fun crafts to do with the kids to help decorate the house as a family too. We as a family have much to be thankful for and not only because of this time of year, all year round we are blessed. Here is a little acrostic for THANKFUL and a few things that I am specifically thankful for! I hope you enjoy it. Share a few things you are thankful for!!

Traveling with my daughters and husband
A lot of lessons learn {good and bad}
New Friends
Kind hearts {those that put up with my shenanigans}
Ultimate gift {salvation}


Traveling child November 16, 2010

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Our family loves to travel!

As I type this I am in the car driving to North Carolina. We just came back from PA last night and left for NC at 6 am.

However just because my husband and I like to travel doesn’t mean our children always enjoy it. Really what energetic toddler or baby wants to be in a car seat for 3-12 hours?! I don’t see any munchkins jumping in line!

How we keep our kids happy in the car…

On every trip we take I always bring a snack bag of easily accessible snacks to eat in the car. We pack things like carrots, grapes, fruit leathers, gold fish, pretzel, sometimes even hummus. The Second thing I bring on every trip is a basket of goodies that sits on the floor in front of Kelsey. Inside the basket I put toys like finger puppets, baby dolls, coloring books and crayons, magnadoodle, play cell phones, books, trains and cars.

We also try to time the departure of our trips so that the girls will be ready for a nap shortly after we start driving. Sometimes that works out but not always. This last trip that we just took to PA didn’t turn out that way. We had been driving for about 2 and half hours and Kelsey had not fallen asleep. She wasn’t being grumpy but she wasn’t sleeping either. After a few hours of laughing, singing songs, messing around with her basket of toys she started to get restless. So desperate for peace and quiet we finally resorted to an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on our ipod touch. It did not bring instance silence as Kelsey was then excited to see Mickey and started singing and dancing in her car seat. Eventually she sat back and relaxed ultimately falling asleep… just as we arrived to our destination of course. Doesn’t it almost always happen like that 🙂

On our current trip the kids are in the backseat passed out while Snow White plays on the DVD player… Sometimes Technology is a wonderful thing!!


Oh be careful little ears what hear… November 12, 2010

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Do you hear what I hear?!

So it turns out that I have a little mocking bird living in my house… her name is Kelsey. It is fascinating to me that this little child who is only 2 speaks with such clear diction sometime. And picks up words and actions so quickly. Example last night I kept dropping things out of my hand and said “oh my gosh, what the heck!” and what do I hear as Kelsey picks whatever it was up off the floor for me and hands it to me “oh my gosh mama!!” of course in her cute little gremlin voice 🙂

This afternoon our family was in the car traveling for 3 hours for sure I thought that was enough time for Kelsey to get in a great nap… NOPE! The chatty Kathy was giggling, singing, talking and scolding  Josh and I from the back seat for a solid 3 hours!! I called my mom and apologized for all the talking I did as a child. I am sure Kelsey is her payback 🙂 As I was driving and listening to her blabber off all these cute songs we sing and games we play I was so thankful for the wholesomeness that was coming out of her mouth. My husband will tell you his mom always said {like most moms} “garbage in, garbage out!” So true. I know that when children get to that chatty age they definitely make you think twice about some of things you say… or want to say.

I encourage you to turn off the unwholesome music, trashy books, and gossip and really pay attention to what you fill your ears and time with. It effects not only you but those little ears that follow you around all day too, lets protect those little ears and teach them productive things instead.


little inchbug! October 31, 2010

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Another great product

One that I love and has come in handy many times for my little munchkins.

Inchbug… what is it?

A stylish rubber band that discreetly has your child’s name on it. It’s so simple and practical. It is the perfect band for all types of bottles and cups.

Have you ever been at the gym franticly gathering your belongings and stand there looking at 3 sippy cups that are all the same… no need to wonder which one is yours any more!
When we bought these we actually bought 2 kinds, a pink band that has Kelsey’s name on it and a purple band that has Neely’s name on it. Check it out this product you won’t be disappointed!


Mama’s who make a difference October 13, 2010

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Not only can we make a difference in the lives of our children

But we can also make a difference in the lives of others!

Recently a small group of my friends and I started an agency looking to do just that, make a difference. But we need YOU to help make that difference happen.

Think What If

You could fill a lot into that sentence.
Think What If… the possibilities were endless!

The agency that we have created is designed to raise funds for charities that help people in areas of the world that most will never travel to, but just because they may not physically be there doesn’t mean they still can’t help those people. Lets help them NOW, lets make a difference NOW.

I love how my friend worded this in her blog…

Is it perfect? Nope. Is it complete? Nope. Is it launched? Yup! Do we need your help? Yup!
People are desperately waiting for our help…yours and ours. We can’t help them without you. We’ve created a platform for you to make a difference. – Thank you Amy, I could not have said it better!!

CLICK HERE to find out how you can help.