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Top 5 favorites about toddlers September 8, 2010

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little miss independent on a tire swing & lovin’ it!

Toddlers are an education you never knew you needed!

Toddlers are hilarious and mind boggling all at the same time. Here are my top 5 things I love about toddlers. They are in no certain order.

5. A true concern for others – My darling Kelsey is genuinely concerned for her parents {and rightfully so}. Josh had stubbed his toe and Kelsey immediately asks “daddy are you ok?” when she sees me hustling and bustling to get stuff done “mama are alright?”. However when we answer her honestly and say “no, we are not ok” her response is usually “hmm, ok!” haha. She has even followed Josh’s dad to the bathroom and stood outside the door knocking on it saying “Pops! open the door, are you ok in there!” LOL

4. Developing an opinion… of EVERYTHING! – I am not sure where Kelsey gets this from?!

3. Imagination – Toddlers are so sweet and innocent and untainted by the world it is great to see how creative they can be.

2. Communication – Kelsey has a VERY good vocabulary for a 2 year old {I don’t know why Josh and I are semi quiet people 🙂 }. However it is so fascinating to see what sort of communication toddlers pick up, everything down to their facial expression when explaining what they want. They mimic how they are communicated with and sometimes it makes me think twice about what I am doing or saying! Recently I called Josh and asked him to do something, when doing so I called him “hunny”. Well not even 5 minutes later Kelsey comes strutting into the room Josh is in and says “Hunny, my baby is sweeepin, shhhh! be quiet”.

1. Ahhh! and the SASS of a toddler –  Sass with a smile as I like to say. This takes some serious discipline on the adults part to not laugh or smile when toddlers are doing something they know is wrong but it is so stinkin funny!
Kelsey always looks at us with a little sparkle in her eye and smirk on her face saying “ha ha! what are you going to do about that!” and then Josh usually turns around with his back to us convulsing because he is trying so hard not to smile or laugh at her because it only encourages her behavior more. And there I stand with my hands on my hips forced to be the fun sucker as I lay down the law! We really could have our own TV show 🙂

All in all there is a lot to be learned from toddlers and it is a joy to explore the world through their eyes!


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