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Meet the Fam… Part II August 31, 2010

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Extended Family

After my first post introducing the family a few “extended family” members were a little crushed that they didn’t make the cut. We have some wonderful friends that play a big part in Josh and My life as well as our girls. Here are just a few!!

Dale {Uncle Roach} – Dale is best known for his phlegmatic ways and also being the hangout king. It is classic of uncle Roachie as kelsey calls him from time to time to just appear in the doorway as if everything was normal 🙂 He is a great friend that we have enjoyed getting to know over the last year.

Nathan {Uncle Bruce} – Bruce is kelsey’s numero uno! she loves herself some Bruce. I think what she may enjoy most is how Bruce and Josh toss Kelsey around like a little rag doll. She is a tuff puff and gets a kick out of things like that.

Amy {Aunt Mose} – Also known as Aaaaaaaaaaaaaamy! The girls chit chat most about their Aunt Mose and ask frequently where she is. When I return the question back with “I’m not sure Kels where do you think Aunt Mose is?” the usual response is: “she’s in the backseat.” or “Amy is in the potty.” hmmmm!? Kelsey also enjoys Aunt Mose’s collection of shoes and purses, she truly is a great aunt!

Dan {Uncle Danny or Boone} – Dan is such a goof without even trying, all the more reason the girls love him. Dan knows nothing about babies or toddlers making their interaction even more hilarious. He is just one of those uncles!

So now if and when these extended family members are ever mentioned in future posts you’ll have a little background on them.


One Response to “Meet the Fam… Part II”

  1. Uncle Roach Says:

    Great Job! I may not be “numero uno” (yet) but I did get the first mention! And I’m still waiting for the flick on the head.

    Poco’s Peso’s

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