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Mama does know… August 27, 2010

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Does this sound familiar?

At age 4: Mom knows everything!
At 8: Mom knows a lot!
At 12: Mom doesn’t really know everything.
At 14: Mom doesn’t know anything.
At 16:Mom doesn’t exist.
At 18: She’s old fashioned.
At 25: Maybe Mom does know about this!
At 35: Before we decide, let’s ask Mom.
At 45: I wonder what Mom thinks about this?
At 75: I wish I could ask …my Mom about this.

Although I personally haven’t made it past age 25

I am learning how much my Mom does know, and I am thankful for it! Now that I am raising my own children I understand a little more why my Mom {and Dad} did what they did or said what they said. Raising children is no task for the faint of heart. Especially if they are anything like my darling Kelsey. She is a sweetheart but a busy sweetheart and if her busyness is not well directed then we get trouble! I can only imagine what I put my parents through as a child, I know it must of been good too because I hear them chuckle from time to time as I am teaching Kelsey right from wrong even though what she did was pretty stinkin’ funny.

You never realize how much your Mom does know until you are going through a situation and all of the sudden you get flashbacks of your Moms voice “No Bethany you may not do… yada yada yada!” then I think to myself “CRAP! she was totally right!”. My appreciation for my mom grows as I get older and am put through situations that she was once tested with and it turns out my mom did know what she was doing and wasn’t as dumb and I thought she was! {So sorry Mama!}

I think seeing how much my mom misses her mom

who passed away almost 15 years ago adds a new perspective. I remember while growing up one of us {I am 1 of 3 kids} would achieve something great and the first thing my mom would want to do is tell her mom… but she wasn’t there to tell. Specifically there was a time shortly after my grandma died that my mom literally picked up the phone and paused and put it back down. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it! I can’t imagine life with out my mom! I don’t want to imagine what it would be like. She has been {and still is} such an important part of my life and my daughters lives too. I am thankful I have passed any stage of thinking my mom isn’t the smartest and wanting nothing to do with her. The room is truly brighter when she walks in. Sorry age 75 but I hope I don’t know what that one feels like.

I hope this post sets your mind towards your Mama and how much she does know and loves you and that’s why she does the crazy things she does… because she’s your Mama! And don’t forget, us Mama’s have eyes in the back of our heads!!

My Mama & me getting ready for my wedding


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