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Meet the Fam! August 24, 2010

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Josh (Papa or Dad) – a budding entrepreneur, and fellow blogger ( ) He is honestly the best father anyone could ask for! Our girls L O V E their Papa with all their hearts as they should, he is the most funny person I have ever met and they will ever meet in their life! Josh is also a Sergeant in the Army Reserves which causes him to travel multiple times throughout the year. Josh loves fitness and healthy living all while having a good time. Oh and he is super outdoorsy too. I am thankful to call him my best friend.

Kelsey (Jo Jo) – Kelsey is our oldest daughter that will be turning 2 the end of September. She continues to amaze both Josh and me daily. Currently she has a love for purses and shoes, this could be a very dangerous fetish in about 10 years. However she is a girl after my own heart! Kelsey is the perfect mix between a girly girl and a tomboy {her father is so thankful she is not a pansy}. If Kelsey had things her way she would be rolling around in a puddle with a pair of Mama’s high heels on. This spring my Mama bought Kelsey some flowers to plant at her house, she bought Kelsey impatience and she bought them for a reason! Kelsey knows what she wants and she wants it right now, a very strong willed little girl at her best.

Neely (Nee nee) – Little Neely is almost 8 months old. She has a growing personality that will only live up to true Crocker fashion, to be one of a kind! Her facial expressions are unbeatable. Like her big sister Neely is learning what she wants and when she wants it {NOW}. However Kelsey and Neely have the perfect relationship, Kelsey loves to entertain and Neely loves to be entertained. I am praying this relationship never changes and if so only for the better! Nee nee is working on her ability to crawl and stand firmly. Her latest milestone was saying “dadda” while pointing at Josh last night. I’m not sure who was more excited Josh or Neely?! Both our girls are famous for their lack of hair, if you had to choose little girls to be bald or SUPER blonde it would be them, they have the most perfectly shaped head {or so people at wegmans tell me all the time}.

Bethany (Mama) – I am the glue that holds this family together. Although Josh and I work as a team and a very good team for that matter there are just some things I must do, especially when Josh is gone on orders for the Army. All while keeping the house organized and clean I manage to have fun with everyone. Some days are definitely better than others but that is part of running a household. I love being with my family, they really are 3 of the funniest people I know with the best senses of humor. I am blessed!


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